Bent Wheel Repair

14750729_1134276863306889_2932227847185498112_nHit a pot hole? Steering vibration? It’s quite possible you have a bent wheel. Using the latest in wheel straightening technology our technicians will straighten your wheel to within .005 of an inch. We take pride in keeping the Upstate rolling safely!

CNC Machining

14750551_1098988976889020_8464670994638831616_nComputer Numerical Control…what is that? No worries, at IWS we have you covered! Many vehicles come from the factory spec with machined wheels. The ONLY way to properly repair this kind of wheel is with a CNC machine. We have a 2015 computerized CNC.

Caliper Refinishing

14547010_1224789910935180_6987086353712283648_nWant to add some distinction to your vehicle? Make it “your own!” A great way to upgrade is to have your calipers refinished. We can mix any color you can dream of…..personalize your ride today!

Curb Damage Repair

14750557_996792040443162_8633399811359375360_nDrive up against that curb at the drive-thru or ATM? No worries we can fix that! Use our expertise and high quality refinishing products to turn back the clock. Let us make your wheels look like the day you bought them, at a fraction of the replacement cost

Bumper Repair / Paintwork

14750745_1727987497217871_6316306951357595648_nThe Upstate is growing at an amazing rate. Living in a fast paced community it’s bound to happen….the fender bender! Or the shopping cart to the side of the car. No worries, IWS can repair that bumper / paint for less than the cost of most deductibles.

Cracked / Structural Wheel Repair

14750639_1118515438229594_931878959723839488_nWheel leaking air? Slammed into a curb? Let our technicians weld your wheel for a fraction of the replacement cost. After welding, a dial indicator will be used to ensure your wheel is not bent. You can then get back to driving with confidence.

Custom Color Matching

14750639_1118515438229594_931878959723839488_nCustom color matching is no problem at IWS. We have a computerized paint mixing system that can create any color you can imagine. Come see us for your custom paint projects!

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